Friday, February 29, 2008

No more pictures - please!

If she could talk, I'm convinced that's what Daisy would say - "no more pictures, please!" We took 109 pictures in the first 24 hours with our new camera, and, of course, all but one or two are of the pup. Here are 2 of my favorite pics from the batch. I thought I showed great restraint in only printing 34 of the 109 pictures. I'm not so sure Lou agrees. Now I'll just have to work on scrapping them for her puppy album. :) Happy Friday.


Enfys said...

She is juat adorable. Is she a bichon?

Gwen said...

She is soooo adorable!!! what a cute little face! is she as tiny as she looks??

Frances said...

oh my goodness, she is sooo cute!