Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crafty Sunday

I've been making cards (and running to Michaels) since I got up this morning, and I'm ready for a nap! My colleague Katie is a 4th of July baby, so this first card is for her birthday.

The 2nd card is one of 19 I made this morning. My friend Amy from work is getting married in a few weeks, so I made her this card for her wedding and 18 similar ones that say "thank you" instead of "cherish" that she can use for special thank you notes. She's a crafty girl, too, so I know she'll appreciate them.

I also made a set of baby boy cards for Lou's step-sister, who's having a baby in September. They're just like the one I posted here, so I didn't take another picture. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, whatever you're doing.


Marge said...

WOWsers, Kelly, you've been a busy girl! I was adding back in all my fabulous blogging friends links & had to make sure yours worked & I saw your post! I'd say you've accomplished a LOT more than I have this weekend, but now that my blog is "fresh & new" I'll need to get some papercrafting done & posted on it!!!

Dani said...

These are both fabulous! Crafty person or not, those thank you cards are sure to be appreciated! Wonderful job!

Gwen said...

19 cards Kelly!!! They are both just adorable too!! LOVE that butterfly!