Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from vacation

Hey ladies!
We just got back from a few days at the beach, so I've been catching up on some cards I needed to make this morning. The first one is a pocket card for one of my new teachers. I'm mentoring 9 new teachers this year, so I'm making each one a welcome card. (1 down, 8 to go!)

The next card is a thank you to my friend Wendi, who rented us her beach house for the week. It's 99 steps from the beach (according to her husband), and it was nice to be able to get away, even if it was only for a few days. Something about the sun and the sand makes everything else just drift away.....

The last card is for my friend Amanda who took care of Daisy while we were away. Daisy had a ball playing with Peanut, her pug. This card is based on another PageMaps sketch (no shock, I'm sure), and I like how it made me think outside of the box.

The last picture isn't a card, but it's my favorite picture from vacation. We ate dinner at Seacrets in Ocean City, and this was the view of the sun setting over the bay. Love it.


Gwen said...

SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK KELLY!!! sounds like you had a very relaxing time...just love all your cards...My fave is the one of Daisy! so darn cute!! Bet she missed you huh? I'm going to have to go back & see how you did that one! Welcome Home!

Marge said...

I have to agree with Gwen that your Daisy card is awesome!!! Your seaside vacation sounds fantastic; it's so HOT/HUMID here that both Gwen & I could use one!!! ;-) All your cards are wonderful; looks like that vacation left you quite inspired, so time well spent!!!