Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Handmade Bookmarks (for blog candy)

I'm putting this on my blog to see if anyone who reads it is willing to help me.

I'm working with a few teachers who are looking to reward their 9th and 10th grade struggling readers who are being successful. They have money to purchase a book for each student, but I thought it'd be a nice touch if they could also give each student a handmade bookmark.

I'm looking to collect 100 handmade bookmarks by the end of May. I'll need a mix of ones for girls and boys. Whatever size, colors, or stamps you want to use are great! You could include the word READ, a quote about reading, congratulations, or no words at all. Since some people have asked, the school colors are red, white, and blue. (You don't have to use those colors, but you can if you want.)

If you do make any bookmarks, please email (or post a comment here) for my mailing address.

I'll even have a random drawing for blog candy from the people who send bookmarks. Feel free to share this with any fellow crafters who also may be willing to help. I know the students will really feel special when they hear someone made something just for them. Thanks in advance for your help.


Marge Robertson said...

Hi Kelly,

I'll be happy to make some bookmarks for you. Any particular age/grade?

Marge SBS8

Stampin Cats said...

I can make some bookmarks. Do we know what grades these children ae in? What are the schools colors?

kraftykathy1 said...

I will be happy to help you
I think I still even have your addess from pay it forward-I just ordered so cool too.
Let me I will make you 10 girls and 10 boys.
Kathy sbs8

Nany said...

hey I was looking for all the blogs in the sisterhood oftheblogginstampers and some friend you have this link... Let me tell you.. I have some from a swap I wasn't able to send amd maybe I could send you some more.. so please send me your address... Have a nice day... PD the ones that I have right now are some kind of girlie... it doesn't matter right????

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

Hey Kelly!!! Sign me up for making some bookmarks! I'm happy to help, especially to help kids! Thanks for taking the time to do this for the kids. I'm sure it will motivate them to read a little bit more.

Nancy said...


Need you to email me your snail mail.


Debbie said...

What a fantastic cause! I will e-mail you for your snail mail addy. (I just came across your blog from Nancy's)

jo-ann said...

hi kelly, hope you reach your goal of 100! i sent a few your way to help you reach your goal!

J's Place said...

I am new to Beate's yahoo group and just found your blog... I would be happy to try and give a bookmark a go... Let me know if you would like me to.

my email is