Monday, January 14, 2008

7 Random Facts About Me

Since Gwen tagged me in the comments of one of my posts, here are my 7 (very) random facts:

1) My father is 6'4", my brother is 6'6", and my sister-in-law is 6'1". In a picture with them, I look like a shrimp at 5'8", and I'm never the short one.
2) I am terribly allergic to cats. (Thank God for inhalers!)
3) My former friend of 12 years and I are finally talking again after a falling out over 2 years ago. I've really missed her.
4) I have a scar on my left knee where my brother (accidentally) pushed me into a screw on our swingset when I was 5 years old. I guess that's what happens when a 3-year-old tries to give you a push on a swing.
5) Even though I'm a high school English teacher, I liked math in high school and even did well in college Calculus; however, I hated high school Chemistry.
6) I am very bad with blood and most things medical, but I married an EMT.
7) I left the eastern time zone for the first time in December of my senior year of college (flying to California). I was so excited that my friend had the pilot announce it was my first time leaving the time zone when we crossed it. To this day, I've never left the country, but I would love to go to Europe some day.

Kim, now I tag you! :)


Gwen Snater said...

so glad you have your best friend again! it is so strage reading this as...I am the way short one in my fam..(husband & kids)I gave my sister a scar (stitches) on her knee...fighting over a rake. My son wants to be a awesome in calculus! & can not stand anything medical...& my daughters & I are all in the medical field. Crazy!! Thanks fo playing!!

Nikki said...

Just to let you know you are very welcome to join in the PIF!
could you email me with you details to the email on my profile.
Thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you will be back soon!