Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Cards

Last year, I got overly ambitious and sent handmade Christmas cards to everyone on my list. (Yikes - that was crazy!) After Christmas last year, I found some really cute boxes of cards and came across them while pulling out the decorations last weekend. I did decide to make cards for a few family members and crafty friends who live far away, and the pictures are below.

I showed Lou the tags (from my last post), and while he said they were nice, he thought it was a lot of work for something that people would throw away on their presents. I decided he was probably right, but since I love the look of the tags, I made a couple cards with them (for crafty friends who will appreciate them). Enjoy!


Casii said...

Lou and Tim are of the same mind, but hey, we have fun making the stuff, right?
Love them!

Laura said...

these cards are really cute!!! :) merry christmas!

Nancy said...

Really nice Cards!


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